Hi,friends.I will write about why Japanese drive on the left of road.Since I was born and raised in Japan,I’m used to driving on the left side.On the other hand,it seems ordinary to drive on the right side of the road in the world. The other day,one of my friends visited in US for business and drove a car there,but the Americans usually drove on right side,he said it felt absolutely wrong and scary.
In order to prevent accidents,we all nations may need to consider unifying the line people drive internationally.

①Why do Japanese drive on the left side of the road?
There are some popular beliefs for the left side driving as follows.
Driving on the left side was more convenient in ancient times in terms of Japanese history,because warriors were supposed to stand on left side of horses to mount it and if they were riding on the left,they could hold weapons in their right hands to fight against enemies or protect themselves.As you can see the below pic of Japanese Samurai,he has a sword on left side that means it’s easier to take it out by right hand all of a sudden and hit enemies quickly. On the other hand,some say that Japan has adopted British traffic law in Meiji period,because we also had followed the method of the train constructions from UK.Although there’re some hot arguments about it,it depends on people which one believe.

②Why do most countries choose the right side of road?
It is said that there’re two reason as follows.
・Napoleon(1769-1821) was a left-hander
Napoleon is know for a person who has carried out improving infrastructure around countries he conquered.When he started doing it,instructed standardizing the rules of traffic law that including right-side driving.As UK was not conquered by him,it’s left-side driving.
・Due to strategy of war from Napoleon
In those days,it was normal to fight with enemies in front,but Napoleon has come up with a strategy that attach them by right side and made them be thrown into confusion.
Although I’m not quite sure about Napoleon,he seems interesting and intelligent.If someone seeing this blog know about truth,please let me know.

Thank you for taking the time and reading my blog today.

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  3. Thank you for a great read. The comments are an absolute rib tickler. I love the Chinglish and Koreaglish people trying to write stuff in English.eg. “Fortunate me I discovered your site unintentionally, and I’m shocked why this accident did not came about in advance! I booked it!” What? You can tell the future? Yeah, me too. I’m shocked I didn’t win lotto in advance. I think I’ll book it too…. bye 🙂

  4. This is the first time to learn that Japanese drive on the left. Thank you for sharing with us. It was entertaining and educational about the actual reasons of what we consider simple rules of life.

  5. Just a few Countries like Japan and NZ (my home) are driving on the left side of the road. I drove in the UAE (right side) so I have to practice driving on the right side before doing it for safety.

  6. Great history. When I have been to England , it is an uncomfortable feeling to drive on the left side of the road, it takes some getting used to, but I believe it makes life a little more

  7. I really wish to visit Japan one day. My friend lives in Osaka. I have seen the Japan virtually from his photos. Want to experience it myself.

  8. Great and I know it.I’ve traveled in India for 2 months as a backpacker when I was a college student:) India is awesome


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