Hi,guys.I will tell you about average height of Japanese today.
What do you think about our height? Since we Japanese are one of the Asians,you would come up that we’re not that tall compared to Caucasoid or Negroid.It is true. Although my height is 174 cm(5ft8.5in) and my friends are almost like this,I can see lots of people below 170cm(5ft6.93in) on the street in Tokyo.Let me show you the statistics of average height of Japanese as follows.

What is the average height of Japanese ?
According to Japanese government in 2018,the average height of 24-years-old men were 171.8cm(5ft7.64in), 24-year-old women for 157.7cm(5ft2.09in). Compared with those of the 1900’s in Japan,that list men at 160.9cm(5ft3.35in) and women at 147.9cm(4ft10.23in).
It is said that one of the main reasons we have grown significantly is “balanced school lunch” we usually eat from elementary to Junior high school.To be honest I didn’t like it,but had no choice but to eat.Some of the teachers were kind of strict and forced me to eat one when I was a elementary kid.The following picture is a school lunch that provided.
All of the buildings,trains,cars,houses are made for these Japanese average height.If you are tall like over 185cm(6ft0.83in),you would feel uncomfortable living in Japan.

②How much is the Japanese average weight?
In 2018,the average weights for 24-years-old men were 69.5Kg, 24-year-old women were 50Kg. Since I’m not quite sure for the statistics of other countries,I guess these numbers are not way too high or low.You can compare above Japanese numbers with those of your countries and leave your comments here on this blog.I’m just curious of each country’s one.Looking forward to seeing you.

Thank you for taking the time and reading my blog today.

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  1. I’ve worked for several medical device companies where the devices had to be redesigned to accommodate Japanese ceilings (lower than US standard of 8 feet) or bodies (narrower veins due to shorter & thinner bodies).

  2. Thank you very much. I have spent most of my life in the forest. But I look at the tall towers and technology of Tokyo and I am amazed by these accomplishments! I’m very uncomfortable in crowds but what Tokyo has is amazing.

  3. Nice place.I just looked it up on google map.Looks beautiful place surrounded by lots of nature

  4. I am 1.82 meters tall which is tall for my area. It’s actually hard on the body to be tall in a world where most people are 1.5 meters. For example, the desk at my day job is too close to the ground and the chair is too small. I’m always crashing into the ceiling fan.
    There’s many days that I wish I was a little shorter.

  5. I want to go to Japan soo bad but people have been putting me off telling me its too expensive.

    Do you have any recommendations for a place in Japan to travel to which has nice views and places to visit, good weather and affordable and good food?

  6. I would love to visit Japan, it always looks amazing and fast paced… I guess that would be the Tokyo part lol.. also fun fact: as a woman I guess I’m the taller than average height of a Japanese male/ male Japanese lol….

  7. Nowadays japanese are like Mediterraneans in terms of height but we weigh more I believe. By the way, you have the cutest babies ever

  8. Unless science can prove that tall and/or large brainpower exceeds that of short and/or small, then society should be valuing the latter because of their significantly lower requirement of food resources. Technology and robots have wiped out the need for brute power.


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