Hi,guys.I’m gonna introduce Japanese “Ninja” today.You may have heard it so far in your life.Ninja has been so famous and popular thanks to the Anime of “Naruto” that published since 1999.When I was in Elementary school,it was so trendy and all of my friends made believe they’re Ninja like Naruto,Sasuke and so on.

①What is Ninja?
Ninja have existed as a professional to assassinate,kill somebody and spy for work from 1336-1700(The Muromachi~Edo period).Some experts say that they served as a assistant for Japanese feudal lord called “DAIMIO” and the lord of the manors.Once a feudal lord command whatever they want,Ninja were supposed to do anything under them.On the other hand,it is said there were some independent Ninja who didn’t belong to any feudal lords.The particular Ninja were making some money through just a contract.For example,If someone need some specific confidential info or assassinate enemy,the Ninja work on it instead of payment or other rewards.Not only the male Ninja,Female Ninja have also existed called “KUNOICHI”.They were basically in charge of spy for enemy or make them horny.These conducts are might one of the reason that produced the word of “HENTAI” in Japan.

I’ve been living in TOKYO,JAPAN for over 26 years and never seen them so far.Some say they are still alive in countryside,but it’s still not quite sure.If you’re interested in it,you should visit the following website that explain about contemporary Ninja in details.

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  2. Coucou toi , mon Ami Amie

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  3. Interesting history. I will definitely explore more. I have always had a deeply rooted respect for the Japanese Culture. So much so that I learned and continue to practice the the art and philosophy of Aikido created by a brilliant practitioner of peace, Morihei Ueshiba. I look forward to reading more of your work.

  4. Thank you for the comment.Wow,it’s cool.I didn’t know about American Ninja.Interesting


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