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I will write about Japanese food “Sukiyaki” that is one of the most popular foods in Japan.

Thinly-Sliced beed,Vegetables,Tofu,and some noodles made of Konnyaku are cooked in a Shallow iron pan and seasoned wit sugar,Japanese Alcoholic called “Sake” and soy sauce.
Most Japanese like to dip “sukiyaki” in raw egg,though many foreigners are reluctant to.
The Japanese only started eating beef after the Meiji Restoration 1870.Sukiyaki was one of the first dishes to use beef,and it has been popular since then.
“Suki” means spade and “Yaki” means roast.Some think that a metal spade used to be used to cook beef and that’s where it got it’s name.

You are able to check out my Youtube Channel https://youtu.be/WpUeLUz4yeE If you want to see how to cook the “Sukiyaki”.
It must be helpful to understand what it’s like.

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  1. Merci pour cet article. J’aime beaucoup la culture et la nourriture japonaise.
    Le Japon est un beau et magnifique pays qui a su mélanger le modernisme au traditionnel.

  2. Thank you for your comment leendadll.
    Then If you come to Japan one day,you should try this Sukiyaki:)

  3. Most foreigners are freaked out by raw egg because our eggs are nowhere near the quality of Japanese eggs. Raw US eggs have a fair chance of making you sick.

    Thanks for sharing!


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