Hi,friends.How are you doing today?
Japan is in the middle of CORONA PANIC.
Most of the Japanese are looking for masks,toilet papers,sanitary napkins in whole day.We know that have to be calm down and put up with this abnormal affair,but since Japanese government is also out of control,have no choice but to do something we protect by ourselves….
By the way,I will write about HAY FEVER(KAFUNSHO) today.Because Kafunsho is one of the things that really annoy people coming from other countries.

It is said that 50% of Japanese living in metropolitan areas suffer from Kafunsho,a kind of hay fever caused by the pollen from cedar or Hinoki cypress trees.From March to May,lots of Japanese start to wear white masks made of gauze when they go out.Some even wear glasses and hats to protect themselves from Pollen,which causes various uncomfortable symptoms such as a runny nose,headaches,and itchy eyes.They say that more people have started suffering from Kafunsho in the last 20 years because the cedars and hinoki-cypress planted in the mountains or forests throughout Japan after the war have been neglected,are overgrown,and create more pollen.When floating pollen in the air mixes with dust and exhaust from automobiles,it causes kafunsho.


Wearing a mask is really helpful to avoid invading pollen from outside.
As for me,I can’t live without one in Japan.

If you are women and don’t wanna ruin your makeup with wearing a mask,you should use the face spray as following pic.It’s easy to use and the used for sensitive skin.

If the above two ways were not good for you,you have to take a medicine for pollen.You can buy one on Amazon or any drug store in Japan.

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  1. Yes, correct. Oh well, until then, work from home, stay in the house, protected and if needed fight with the medicines that we have available.
    Take care!

  2. Thanks for your comment Katherine.
    Wow,that’s too bad.
    we can’t stop the expansion on this year.we have to put up with this pandemic until someone invent a medicine for corona virus.

  3. Coronavirus strikes in Romania as well, Taiki 🙁 … .
    Unfortunately our supplies are really few and we tend to struggle. But there will be a solution and we will get better in time.

  4. It depends where you live — my son in Brittany (the West most part of France) just sent me a photo of empty shelves. When I went shopping at the supermarket this morning I saw toilet paper in other people’s carriages, so I guess they had not run out. For masks, though, there are none available, except at the pharmacy and those are specifically reserved for doctors and nurses.

  5. It depends where you live. Our son who lives in Brittany (the West most part of France) just sent us a photo of empty shelves. This morning when I went shopping at the supermarket I saw people with toilet paper in their carriages, so there must have been some in the store. But masks are not available any more, except in pharmacies and those are specifically reserved for doctors and nurses.

  6. Hi,Joelle.I’ve heard of a news that said France is terrible situation for Corona virus right now.Can you find masks or toilet papers in any drug stores??

  7. Coronavirus panic everywhere! Here in France too, as well as in the States where two of my children live.
    On the topic of seasonal allergies, my husband suffered from them from the age of fifteen until seven years ago, when we changed our diet. Apparently his system was on « overload » and couldn’t handle pollen. He used to sneeze so badly it shook his whole body! We eliminated all dairy and all additives (sulfites in particular) from our food and somehow it worked. Gardening is a pleasure once again.

  8. Thank you for your comment BrigitteE.
    That’s too bad…The situation in Germany is on news broadcast everyday in Japan.
    I hope everything is ok for you and your family.

  9. I figured you’d have instant spaghetti! I found some cheap version of instant yakisoba at a local market but I prefer to but vhf the good ones as Japanese markets!

    I’m weirdly addicted to the NHK World channel. “Midnight Diner” was one of my favorite shows before the entertainment channel shut down and Netflix bough the show. I also watch Cool Japan, and tons of NHK documentaries.

    I was far from the NYC 9/11 tragedy and largely unaffected. But I saw Tokyo 3/11 in real time and remain

  10. Wow,you know a lot about Japan leendadll.
    There’s instant spaghetti actually,but it’s not popular here in Japan

  11. Off topic… instant yokisoba is soooooo good! I can’t believe I just learned about it and there is no instant spaghetti or mac&cheese!!

  12. I was thinking of you while NHK News did a story about the shortage of face masks.

    Fun story: During one if my more severe reactions, with my face swelling, I went to see my doctor… who I adored for his personality. He opened the door, looked at me, and said, “”I dunno if I’ll give you a shot cause your lips look FABULOUS!!”

  13. I seem to be allergic to something that blows in from the deserts. I’m okay at home, where topography limits the winds, but going to work – in the direct line of desert winds – used to be hell. I always have antihistamines and stock!!

    Sending you good luck for only mild hayfever!!!


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