Hi,friends.How are you doing today?
In Tokyo,the governor has asked people to stay at home during this weekend 28 Mar and 29 Mar to prevent Corona virus from spreading.Stay safe and take care of yourself.

I will write about “The top 3 words to describe Japanese personality”from my point of view as a Japanese born and raised in Japan.

①POLITE(Sometimes too polite)
For ex
・Not talk to an staff if they look busy in restaurants
・Tell “thank you” with a hazard light flash even when you drive a car if other cars make way for you
・Bowing many times just for meeting clients
→When I was working for a trading company in Tokyo,I was in charge of importing food materials from around world.Every time I visit our clients(Japanese Oil manufactures),we had to read the client’s hearts and not to bother their feelings…So when we leave the company,bowing at least three time before closing an elevator in the building.
・Tend not to talk in public transportation such as in train or in bus.Of course not telephone.

・We Japanese tend to be shy to talk with new people
・Most Japanese are not good at making a speech in front of many audience
→From my pint of view,we Japanese were educated by our parents to be modest and humble that might affect this personality.I’m also one of them,but While working,I always pretend not to be shy and have confidence.

We Japanese takes its time management very seriously. The Japan Railway (JR) and other connecting subways and train systems are known for their strictly punctual schedules. As such,when there is a delay of even a minute, the whole system gets thrown off. Trains often issue late slips for passengers to take to their employers if their trains get delayed. After all, it leaves a very bad impression if you’re late to work. If you got late to the office in the morning,you can’t make the excuse that the train was late here in Japan.It’s under control.

Thank you for reading this article today.I’m really curious about the personality of your country.If you have time,leave a comment.Thanks
I will keep up the best work from now on.

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  1. Wow this makes me think of what kinda of three personality traits are there for my country. I will think and let you knoa!
    Great article

  2. Wow. Might be a short insight into Japanese culture but I think I love Japan.
    I’m just so wowed by the fact that trains issue “late slips” to people for work.

  3. Thank you for the comment David.
    I’m glad to hear that as a Japanese.
    Let me google ToastMaster clubs

  4. There is much to be learned by the Japanese ways of being polite, respectful, and punctual. I believe that there are ToastMaster clubs in Japan you could visit if you want to practice being confident in public speaking or at work or in your personal life. Sincere best wishes, David

  5. Thank you for the comment antonio.
    Glad that you’ve been to Japan before and got great experiences there.

  6. Thank you for the comment Paola.
    I’ve heard that the Italian government forces citizens to stay at house right now.It’s nice decision.
    The Japanese government can’t even do the same things due to afraid of complaints from Japanese citizens…
    Hope everything is ok for all of the Italian

  7. There’s good an bad people everywhere; there’s up- and downsides to any culture… And your boss is right; we can be very considerate. Especially to people who are not us; because they don’t know want better.

  8. Thank you for sharing one of Dutch:)It’s really interesting and you have nice sense of humor.
    My boss has experienced living in Holland to work for almost 10 years.
    Every time I ask him about Holland,He always say that Dutch are considerate and nice.
    But like you said,there are bad sides.This same goes for any countries,not a big deal.

  9. I like this post; it allows me to know a culture I’ve never visited. So I’ll repay in kind: three words to describe the Dutch are…

    1. Rude
    – where most nationalities say please and thank you all the time, we only do in special occasions.
    – where most nationalities think you can’t apologize often enough, we only do if there is absolutely no way to avoid it.
    – we tend to use the imperative, when we actually mean it’s just a suggestion.
    While foreigners consider this rude, it’s our culture; we don’t mean to cause offense and don’t take it as offensive of we behave this way.

    2. Penny wise pound foolish – aka stingy.
    – when something’s on sale for 50%, we buy two, to throw one away.

    3. Discontent.
    – we have (looking at passenger transport and trains/km-track/hour) the third best performing railway system on the planet (only to be beaten by Japan and Switzerland), yet very few people have anything nice to say.
    – there are only three or four days in the year that the weather is good – and those days are always in the past.

  10. Hi,leendadll.
    It’s doesn’t matter if you are louder or fatter than most Japanese.
    We accept various types of people here and try to get along.
    Come to Japan if you have chance:)

  11. Thank you for the comment Jose.
    Glad to know that you like Japan!
    I would rather like quiet person than talkative one

  12. I really liked your post! I am also very shy and speak little. I have many friends of Japanese descent here in Brazil and I get along very well with them. I would love to see Japan. Thank you very much!

  13. I am a louder than average person in a loud country. I swear I think my volume is normally but people constantly tell me it is not. I’m also fatter than average in a fat country; and bolder than average in a bold country. I love watching shows from/about Japan but I’d never fit in there@!

  14. Thank you for the comment J.glad to know that you like Japanese culture.
    You’re more than welcome to Japan:)
    Take care of yourself for Corona virus.

  15. I sometime interact with Japanese people for work, also some friends of mine visited Japan and all of them reported me a so fascinating world. I’m curious and I’d like to meet such a respectful culture, hope one day to fulfill my desire.
    Thank you for sharing.

  16. Thank you for the comment moonraylight. I totally understand you.I’m the one like you are.
    It’s important to exist various types of people in the world.
    We Japanese are waiting for you in Japan.

  17. Love this! Thank you for sharingI always wanted to visit Japan, I am a quite shy person, I prefer to stay quiet when travelling by train etc, and politeness is important to me. I think I’d like your country very much. I hope one day I will have the opportunity to come and visit it. It’s funny because I am Italian and I always speak very softly – most of time people don’t hear nor understand and I have to repeat at a higher volume. I can’t understand that need of yelling whenever they speak


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