Hi,friends.How are you doing today?
Corona virus keeps spreading even more these days and nobody stops this affair.
All we have to do is to stay at home and avoid meeting people in person.

I’ve got the face masks from Japanese government above pic finally.
It’s supposed to be distributed by the government to each household(Two face masks each)in Japan which means they managed to handle approximate 260 millions of face masks through Japanese company ITOCHU CORPORATION, KOWA, MATSUOKA CORPORATION under this situation.
Since any face masks are out of stock here in Tokyo right now ,it’s grateful and helpful.But one bad thing about this is really costly,the Japanese government mentioned that it costed 44,600,000,000 yen(about US$47 billion).As you already know that the expense is from taxes people managed to pay until now.
There’s lots of Japanese complaining about this cost and saying it’s a waste of money.
What’s worse,the quality of those face masks are low and also many people who got one found defects like stains,mixing bugs and so on.Then government has decided to recall the face masks.

Not only ordinary citizen but also the government are on terribly panic and our of control right now.Let’s see what will happen after this.

Thank you for stopping by my blog and read this article.
See you soon.

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  1. In this difficult time, governments of different countries are trying to battle the virus in their own ways. Some steps prove to be right, some wrong and others risky. We need to be patient.
    Stay home stay safe 🙂

  2. It doesn’t look it will handle well with the virus. Keep safe and avoid people (social distancing) as much as possible.

  3. Thank you for your comment Lisa.
    You’re right.Any government can not handle this affair,so we have to control ourselves and make a right decision

  4. I’m glad they at least tried to do the right thing. The US govt has spent a lot of time saying it’s not their responsibility. I’m lucky to live in Cali, which started taking precautions early and seriously.

    It’s been a little over a month since businesses were closed. It’s been extremely hot since Thu. I desperately want to have a sit-down dinner and cocktails in an air conditioned restaurant… but it’s too soon for such indulgences, despite other states reopening.

    Stay safe. Try to stay sane!

  5. I’m very aggravated with the handling of this disease by most governments. I voice it on Twitter so you won’t see much of my political views on WP. I’m so sorry you are going through this. Our local government has started reopening limited and we haven’t even peaked yet. Stupid! Please be safe!

  6. Not an easy situation to deal with, for every government. I think, in these days, we all should be a little bit more comprehensive and patient than usual.
    Stay safe and best of luck.


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