Hi,friends.How’s it going with the Corona virus in your country ?
It’s been spreading significantly…
Hope everything is gonna be okay for you guys,praying from here Japan.

By the way,I came back to my parent’s house (Western part of Tokyo: yesterday and went to a calm place you see beautiful nature to avoid Corona virus with my motor bike,took some pics as follows.The place is at OKUTAMA TOWN:

The first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Tokyo is that might be modern places or quite busy cites,but not only that there’re lots of places filled in nature.
Since I was born and raised in Tokyo,I’m totally familiar with this area that most of the other people don’t share in any blogs or Youtube.

SAKURA(Cherry blossoms)
SAKURA(Cherry blossoms)
SAKURA(Cherry blossoms)
University :
Shopping mall
On my way to my parent home
My motor bike Ducati
Okutama Town :
Okutama Town:
This is the my way to grill a steak with stone

Thank you for stopping by my blog and read this article today.
I will keep up my best work to enjoy your guys.
Have a nice day.

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  1. Thank you for your comment Barbara:)
    Wow,Sagamihara.It’s really close from my parents house.
    I’m glad to know that you are familiar with Japan

  2. I very much enjoyed your photos, especially the cherry blossoms. We lived in Japan (Sagamihara) in 1979/81, and were very impressed with the beauty of your country. 🙂

  3. This is absolutely stunning. I have been fascinated by Japan and the fact that everybody in Japan lives harmoniously with Nature. The Cherry Blossom trees are something that I have always wanted to see. And not to mention the rural Japanese life than the glass buildings that crop to anybody’s mind when they think of Japan.

  4. Thank you for your comment.
    If you have a chance,come visit Japan:)I’ll give you lots of tips to enjoy here Japan

  5. I’m late with the comments but wow this is just beautiful
    The river
    Seems like a good place to walk around and relax and get with your inner self

  6. Thank you for your comment bettyrsc.
    Glad to hear that as a Japanese.
    I highly recommend you visit this sushi restaurant
    next time if you like sushi.
    It’s the best place general Japanese usually go.

  7. Minami-ōsawa (南大沢) is a very nice part of Tokyo. ドゥカティのバイクについて書きました。900SS-CRが私のお気に入りでした。ただし、コロナウイルスよりも危険です。お気をつけて、ください。

  8. Thank you for the comment David.
    That’s cool.Glad to hear that.
    From my point of view,Canadian and Japanese are kind of similar in terms of considerate and modest personality.

  9. I enjoyed greatly the photographs in this post. Japan is very beautiful. One of my most special friends met his wife in Japan where he was teaching skiing. They often return to Japan to visit her parents. I have great respect for the Japanese people because of the Japanese people I have met.

  10. I just saw that you’re about to go to voluntary home isolation. Good luck. It’s not bad, at all, but is definitely difficult psychologically.

  11. Thank you for the comment:)
    You too.Hope this extraordinary affair is gonna be calm ASAP.

  12. That’s a beautiful and very peaceful place. Thanks for sharing those lovely photos that help us who are under curfew/lockdown see another wonderful place of our world.

    Have a great day and always stay healthy and safe.

  13. Thank you for the comment Lia.
    I’m so flattered that you like the photos.
    I’ll keep up to post interesting Japanese lifestyle

  14. These photos say a thousand words! I’ve heard of cooking on stone, in fires, but never saw it done – this beats any explanation. Also that river!! So beautiful. And the bike! And you. All wonderful to see, ‘tis true. :))

  15. There are days when I only watch NHK tv. I think it’s funny that I haven’t picked up more than a few words… primarily “oishi!”

  16. Thank you leendadll.
    Glad to know you know a lot of Japan!!
    I’m the one who likes nature rather than modern place:)

  17. Thank you for the comment J:)
    Yes it is.It’s the scrambler.
    I love the Italian brand,it’s more powerful and elegant than Japanese brand like Honda or Kawasaki

  18. I love the pics! Rivers in Japan always look pretty and inviting!!

    One of the recent NHK programs, maybe Cool Japan, focused on all the hidden parks throughout Tokyo.

  19. Very nice places, Sakura are wonderful. They smells like quiet and peace.
    And very nice Ducati too, we’re proud of that brand. It’s a Scrambler, isn’it it?


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