Hi,friends.How are you doing today?
Here in Tokyo is on panic due to Corona virus.We are being asked to stay home by Japanese government right now,not mandatory yet.So unfortunately lots of people still go outside to work or do something they just wanna do that is not so necessary right now.Under this situation,it’s not possible to curb this terrible virus….
Japanese Government seems not to be serious yet though they know what’s going on Italy,Spain,States.
From my point of view,the priority as Japanese government is economy,not health of citizens.
I know that if the unemployed rate started increasing due to economical matter,the suicide rate is going to be increased at the same time according to statistics.
The fist thing government has to do is to confront the difficulty seriously and take a right direction,but our prime minister Abe is not someone like that.There seems out of control and over capacity for him.He might need the strong leadership of Donald Trump.
Lots of more things I want to write here,but let me write about main topic Ramen today as follows.

Ramen,Japan’s impressive noodle soup dish,doesn’t only enjoy massive popularity in its home country but all around the world.Trying to eat a authentic Ramen in Japan is a highlight for most tourists,but a wide variety of shops and noodle soups can make this endeavor harder than it seems.So I’m supposed to introduce only delicious one here.

Since I’ve found a delicious Ramen shop near my house,let me write about it here.

Google Map:https:
Access:2 min walk from Gakugeidaigaku station
Hours:Mon-Sat 11:00am~1:30am
Sun 11:00am~10:30pm
Credit Card:not accepted
Reservation:not accepted

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  1. Japan is definitely a country I want to visit. When you visit a country you want to try the food as part of the experience. I also want to visit around the country and not too much time in big cities like Tokyo. I hope my visit will include travel by train as I admire and enjoy train travel. Perhaps you have blogged about trains and I have not yet found that post.

  2. I have a friend who is living in Tokyo and I casually see his IG story doing a hike around Kumamoto. Seeing it makes me feel a bit depressed knowing he’s still able to go out whereas from where I am, I could not even go out to buy something from the Combini without even being yelled at to stay at home. You know, inside all day is the recipe for sadness.

  3. Thank you for the comment.
    The almost same goes for Tokyo.
    Restrictions are still going on.
    Only I can do on this situation is staying home.

    I’ve heard from my friend that Canadian are so considerate and must be one of them.

  4. Thank you for your blog post. We are mostly in lockdown here in Toronto Canada, only groceries stores but with quite restrictive access. I can still go for a run in the park but social distancing is unforced by police. Most people are staying home and there is a quiet peaceful atmosphere.
    I haven’t tried Ramen yet, but I want to very much.
    Sending love ❤️

  5. ps: I’m really sorry your leader seems to have respect for our orange menace! Japan should have already started lockdown and planning economic assistance fir citizens and business owners. For months I’ve been worried about all the small businesses who took out loans to prepare for thg he Olympics, reasonably expecting to make back their investments this summer but now facing the unknown.

  6. I don’t like pork or fish so traditional broths are not my favorite. I recently started eating spicy sesame ramen (refrigerated pkg, bought at a Japanese market) and bought some instant salt ramen but haven’t tried it yet.
    I’ve heard there is excellent ramen at a couple restaurants in the “Littke Tokyo” and “Sawtelle” sections of Los Angeles but haven’t eaten at either area.

    What’s in the ramen in your picture?

    Thank you for sharing!

  7. Thank you for your comment J.
    I totally agree with you.
    My point being is that I just want our government to make a immediate decision which way we go and what really have to do.Otherwise the virus will spread very soon in high population density Tokyo.
    There’s no time to consider too much in this situation here Japan

  8. I hope for you and your amazing country that everything will be ok as soon as possible, but procrastinating the situation you described is absolutely a bad idea. Only social distancing works on this virus (until a vaccin will be ready). They must understand that there’s no economy without health. But the situation here is almost the same… so let’s talk about something else.

    Ramen! In Italy some Ramen restaurant are starting to grow here and there but I bet they are nothing about the real ones. It looks yummy, is it a kind of soup with meat, egg and vegetables, right? There are many different types of it?
    Stay safe and thank you for this good reading.


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