Hi,guys.I will tell you about earthquakes that usually happen in Japan today.
Japan is known as a county for earthquakes that frequently occur every year.In 2011 Mar 11th,the huge and gigantic one hit HUKUSHIMA prefecture and it killed tens of thousands of people living around there.It was the worst earthquake ever in my life.When it happened,I was still a high school student and in the middle of graduate ceremony of the high school in TOKYO.Lots of instruments and appliance fell from shelves and shattered into fragments.Even if we Japanese were used to earthquakes,it was the exception,way too strong and out of control.

①How often do earthquakes occur in Japan?
According to Japanese government,it occurs more than 1,000 tremors that ordinary people are able to feel every year.Since ancient times,earthquakes have been the most horrible calamity for Japanese due to unpredictable things,even in spite of our high technological advances these days.The Japanese often humorously mention that the most horrible stuffs are earthquakes,fires,thunders,and mothers. The following diagram is the statistics of earthquakes happened in the past.

②How do you protect yourselves when earthquakes happened?
Once you felt the shake,you have to go under a table,hide your head and wait until it gets ease first.This is the first thing we usually learn in elementary school.
You should not go outside in hurry due to falling or collapsing a ceiling.Be calm and stay easy.

Thank you for taking the time and reading this article .

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  1. For some reason the Lord laid it on my heart years ago to pray for Japan every night. Thank you for letting me know a little more about what the people there struggle with.

  2. Thank you for the comment.Yes,we always make every effort to prevent huge damages from earthquakes.

  3. Yes.You have to be calm when it happened:)I’m sure that Japanese around you is gonna help you when you comes to Japan

  4. Yes that’s sad right… but seeing the growth of japan it stuns the world when after every earth quake the country stands strong..

  5. Thank you for the comment and sharing your experience.
    I didn’t know that you feel earthquake in Montana.

  6. Your post reminds me of sitting in my high school classroom where I taught years ago. The time was before school, and we felt an earthquake centered a couple hundred miles away. This was in Montana in the United States.

  7. So sad. Japan is a beautiful country. Thank you for sharing. I live in the Bay Area where we also have many earth quakes. The kids are taught the same way as in Japan, to get under something. Praying for Your wonderful country

  8. Yeah,Your country is great.I was in charge of importing food materials from Uganda in Japanese company.

  9. Japan is an exotic country for me with a different culture. I am delighted with the architecture, culture and food. It is a pity that earthquakes haunt this country.

  10. Thank you for the comment.We Japanese appreciate all of the support s from overseas countries.


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