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I will write about the system of pension in Japan today.
If you are interested in Japanese tax rate,please take a look at this article from beginning to the end.You might find lots of differences from your country.

①Approximately How much pension does Japanese receive ?
In 2019 the average pension for a worker who paid a premium for 40 years was about 140,000 yen(About 1,300USD) per month.It is supposed to be paid from the age of 65,but when I turn 65(I’m 27 right now),it would change the policy that to 70 or 75 due to Japanese huge deficit.Until 2001,it was paid from 60,but the government decided to delay the age to 65 since then.
We have to make and save enough money to provide for our family by the retirement of company if you are a employee.

②What is the average tax rate in Japan?
Japanese income tax is 5%~45% of a person’s salary,but about 90% of workers pay less than 20%.The taxable income is deducted for those who have dependents.When it comes to resident tax has been fixed at 10%.Since I made the following diagrams,please compare it with yours.

③How many years income do people need to purchase a small house in Japan?
It depends on the size and the location,but for example,an average-sized house with a floor area of 100 square meters in the suburbs costs something between 30 to 40 million yen.That is about six to seven times the average income of a Japanese.

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