1. Trump became the 1st president to be impeached twice by the Senate. It really doesn’t mean much – a stain on their legacy.

    People wanted him removed from office, by using the 25th Amendment to say he’s unfit – for causing all the violence last week, but the Vice President has to do that and he refused.

    As a citizen, I’m annoyed this didn’t happen years ago… during the Black Lives Matter protests or a billion other horrible things he’s said and done. It wasn’t until Congress feared for their lives, as so many citizens already have, that they finally “woke up”.

    But since his term ends on Jan 20, none of it really matters.

    For a long time it looked like Trump was going to refuse to leave the White House. But now that he’s been banned from early all social media (which also should have happened years ago), he’s a sad little child. Rumor is that he’s already left and the Vice Pres is running things.

    He’s the first Pres in modern history (or all history?) to refuse to attend the inauguration of his replacement… more childish behavior!

    Trump’s followers are still so ramped up that there is extra security around ever state’s capitol bldg. Washington DC got 10,000 military personnel, chrckpoints, and tons off add’l fencing to keep the Inauguration site safe.

    The pandemic already made them cancel the traditional parade but now they may even have to move the event indoors for the safety of the new Pres & VP.

    All because one little baby-man can’t stop lying and wpuldn’t accept being defeated. And his followers are insane.

    Bonus: Virtually all businesses have broken toes with Trump. And he has something like $400M in loans coming due in 2021 and 2022… no way to pay and no banks who want to refinance him.

  2. Thank you for your comment.
    I guess the tax rate of US is higher than Japan.
    By the way,how’s going Trump?
    Japanese broadcast says that Trump is about to impeach and oust him.
    What’s going on…

  3. EMPLOYED!!!
    Otherwise, doing my best to not leave home. Current covid stats for my area are something like 1:4 infected and 12,000 dead – just in my area of SoCalif!!

    Did you have a good end to 2020 and start to 2021?

  4. $12,000 USD bonus per year?? WHOA!!

    I have a high paying job… $108,000/yr (I’m 57 and VERY good) and my annual bonus, which I’m luck to have (bonuses are not common until you reach high pay) will be, if the company reaches it’s targets, 8% at the end of the year. About 35% of my pay goes to taxes and insurance.


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