Hi,guys.I’ll share you about the things of Japanese emperor today.
Since the emperor of Japan NARUHITO has officially proclaimed his enthronement this year,it got lots of attention from around world.At the same time,some people must be curious about payment of Japanese emperor.Let me clear about your curious here.

①How much is the emperor paid?
The total imperial household budget per 2019 are about 9.9 billion yen,out of which about 360 million yen is for the emperor’s family.It also costs about 11.5 billion yen to maintain the imperial Household Agency.They’re paid from the state budget,that is paid by Japanese taxpayers.

②Can a woman succeed to the imperial throne?
Imperial Household Law states imperial heirs should be male,born to the male side.However,female emperors have ascended the throne 10 times as a temporary measure.The first in Japan was the Empress Suiko(592-628),while Empress Gosakuramachi(1762-70)was the most recent.

③What is the role and history of the Emperor?
The status of the emperor is stated in the Japanese constitution as “the symbol of the state and of the unity of the people”.He carries out affairs of the state such as appointing the prime minister designated by the Diet and the convocation of the Diet as approved and advised by the Cabinet.His status is similar to that of the Queen of the England.According to the oldest historic book in Japan,written in the 8th century,the first emperor,Jimmu,was a descendant of Amaterasu,the Goddess of the Sun,and is said to have ascended to the imperial Throne in 660 BC.

It’s said that Emperor is really busy and hard work much more that general Japanese workers.He only has about 100 holidays per year.Utmost respect for him.Thank you for reading this article today.

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  1. Thank you,Maylynno. Since Tokyo Olympic will be held next year,I highly recommend you visit here Tokyo:)

  2. I have never been to Japan but it is on my list! I hope one day I will be able to do it. To me it is one of the most beautiful places ❤


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