Hi,guys.Let me tell you about “NATTO” which is one of the most popular and famous Japanese food today. I’ve grown up with this food and keep me healthy.
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①What is “Natto”??
Natto is a Japanese traditional food that made from soybeans.It’s steamed and put in straw pipes with Natto yeast where it’s ferment and become sticky. It is served with mustard called “Karashi” and soy source.We Japanese usually eat one for breakfast every day.Natto is also reasonable,3 packs for below 1USD in supermarket.On the other hand,some Japanese doesn’t like it due to smells and sticky appearance.This is what foreigner say as well.My friends from USA said that Natto is the worst food I’ve ever tried.

②Is Natto good for your health? Some experts say Natto is good for health.It’s supposed to prevent myocardial infarction and cerebral infarction because of the yeast called “Nattonaze”.The yeasts are able to melt the thrombus and keeps the circulation of blood smooth,that keeps for 6-8 hours after eating.So it’s effective to eat it before going bed.What’s more,it is good for “Anti-aging” as well.Polyamine that is one of the elements in Natto is to loose the hardening of the arteries and leave your skin moist.Not only that,it’s also including much Amino-acid,vitamin B,protein.If you’re worried about your health,I highly recommend to try it.

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  1. I have heard a lot of wonderful health benefits from Natto from my Qigong pals. Thank you for writing about this! Wow!!

    I have looked for it in stores in the U.S. but have not found it yet! ❤️

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