Hi,friends.Happy new year!
2020 has arrived finally.I,m sure that you have lots of things you wanna do in this year.Stay energetic and foolish.Btw,I went to “Ueno” in Tokyo to buy ingredients for Japanese dishes called Osechi yesterday Jan 1 2020,then I took the following photos there.

Around my house
In Ueno(The most crowded place at the beginning of year in Japan)
In Ueno
In Ueno
In Ueno
In Ueno
In Ueno
In Ueno
IN Ueno
In Ueno
In train
Sushi in supermarket
In Shrine
The Osechi we cooked

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34 Replies to “HAPPY NEW YEAR 2020 FROM JAPAN”

  1. These pictures are really authentic and its lovely to see another culture this new year.

    Happy Happy New Year greetings to you

  2. Thank you for your comment:)
    It’s snacks next to Panda sugar.
    It’s much cheaper than other supermarkets


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