Hello,friends.I will write about Japanese gambling Pachinko today.
Basically It’s not allowed to do gambling in Japan like Casino,Baseball gambling,Soccer gambling,because there’s high possibility for people to get addiction and out of control.But Pachinko is one of the exceptions due to the interests of Japanese government.When I was a college student,I’ve once played the Pachinko with my friends and won almost 1,000USD for just betting 50USD that is called “Beginners luck”.That luck makes us have confidence,get addicted and spend lots of money and time,what’s worse,ruin your family and relationships of your friends.
But If you have full confidence to control yourself,you can try it when you visit in Japan.
Now Let me introduce what Pachinko is first as follows.

①What is Pachinko?
Pachiko is a kind of vertical pinball gambling that is one of the most popular pastimes in Japan.By controlling a manual or electric-spring flipper,a player launches steel balls to the top of the Pachinko panel.If a falling ball enters a target hole,the machine dispenses many balls.My friends who like Pachinko said it’s not only making money but also like to see Anime Characters on the display. The accumulated balls are able to be exchanged for money or prizes such as cigarettes or sweets.Although the numbers have been decreasing recently,there are still approximate 10,060 Pachinko parlors in 2018 according to the statistics.
So If you wanna enjoy with this gambling,you are able to play it throughout Japan.

②How much is the sales for Pachinko Industry ?
Sales for Pachinko in Japan is quite huge. I’ve made a diagram of it that from 2012 until 2018.Although the sales have been decreasing due to the strict regulations and getting variety of other amusements like Smartphone games,it’s still gigantic industry.In 2018,Sales for 20,700 billion Yen(Approximate USD191.7 billion)and Profits for 3,380 billion Yen(Approximate USD3.1 billion).Wherever it is,gambling is a efficient business to make huge money,but at the same time makes people crazy.

Thank you for reading this article today.

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  1. I grew up going watching my family going to play Pachinko. As little kids, my cousins and I would go look for stray Pachinko balls on the floor to try and earn more. Sometimes my obachan (aunt) give us enough to trade in for candy. It wasn’t until I became an adult that I even heard or understood it to be an example of gambling. Appreciate your post.


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