Shoppers empty shelves in Tokyo after warning

Tokyo governor has asked people to stay at your own home this weekend tomorrow 28 Mar and 29 March to try and prevent an “explosive” rise in corona virus cases.

It seems to have caused people in the city to rush out and stock up on food and essentials.We had not seen this in Tokyo yet, though the pictures of empty shelves are a familiar sight by now from cities around the world where panic buying has been happening.Officials in the UK, Australia, States and Hong Kong have warned against buying more than you need and have sought to reassure people there are adequate supplies.

Tokyo has some 212 confirmed cases for a total of 1,200 in Japan.

There’s nothing left in the shelves at the supermarket.It’s in the middle of panic in Tokyo.It’s almost out of control here Tokyo.

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PS:Since I’ve hung around my home to feel refreshed yesterday,I took some pics that is including beautiful cherry blossoms as follows.

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  1. Beautiful cherry blossoms – finding some good in difficult situation.. that’s all it’s about.

    We pray…
    The world is healing.
    All are recovering.
    Welcome all are happy ,healthy and peaceful.
    We all are safe and secured.
    The earth is becoming a better place to live .
    Take care & Be Safe.

  2. Seems there are still some people out and about? Here in NZ you can see people at the supermarket haha! There are a few people outside walking or jogging.

  3. Most beautiful cherry photos and other photos are most beautiful but having the panic feeling,my dear Japan❤i love you.

  4. Schöne Bilder von der Kirschblüte.
    Picknick ist bei uns strengstens verboten, auch auf eine Decke setzen im Park ist nicht erlaubt.
    Zwei Menschen dürfen miteinander spazieren gehen, keinesfalls mehr, außer sie sind eine Familie.
    Bleib gesund!

  5. I see.I’ve heard that US is the most affected country by Corona virus right now.
    Stay safe and take care of yourself


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