The map people detected Corona virus in Japan up to today 3/21/2020

Hi,guys.How are you doing today?
If you are living in Italy,France,Spain,Germany,Iran,US,it must be in the middle of panic situation such as out of stock for toilet papers,masks,sanitary napkins.
When it comes to Tokyo that I live in right now,toilet papers and sanitary napkins has started to come out in the supermarket form this week,but can’t find masks in any supermarkets or drug stores despite the restriction by law selling one as resale on Amazon or online store.The masks I have would be out of stock next week…

If you coughed without taking masks in the packed train in Japan…
Japanese are really sensitive for cough or sneeze due to corona virus right now.
I guess this same goes for your country.Last Wednesday 18 Mar,When I coughed three times in a row in a train on my way to work,the two elderly men standing next to me got away from me and moved to other one.Although it was surprising,if I were them,I would also go somewhere to reduce possibility getting infection.

According to Japanese government,the number of victims for Corona virus in Japan are as follows
(*As of 3/21/2020)
Infected people by Corona virus:988
The number of dead:35
The patients left hospital:212

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  1. I am I Los Angeles, CA (USA). My 2 best friends from shul are doctors who work for USC and Cedars Sinai. Both have stated they have had ZERO corona virus /Covid-19 patients. Guess we are lucky, yet still quarantined. 🙁

  2. As mentioned it is nice to see and hear comments from a distant place. It makes me appreciate we may be far apart, have different cultures and different life expectations but underneath the political stances we have developed as nations we are all members of the human race.

    May we cement our similarities together and celebrate our differences even more.

    Thanks for a good post.

  3. Thank you for the comment Ankur.
    It’s terrible here in Japan.We have no choice but to do lockdown not to spread Corona virus.
    Japan also has to stop public transportation

  4. Good to know from first-hand accounts the situation in different places. Thank you. I have to say that with trains running, it seems to be as close to normal as one could expect. In most places in India, public transportation has stopped.

  5. Thank you for the comment Enri.
    I know,it’s terrible situation in Italy…
    Do you still have stock of masks?

  6. Thank you for your comment J.
    It’s great that some companies are switching to producing masks.
    I hope it will solve this matter ASAP

  7. Here in north of Italy the situation is dramatic, both physically and mentally. We can’t find masks too but it seems that some factories are changing their production in order to produce masks, disinfectant gel and breathing helpers for hospitals.
    Stay safe and healthy.

  8. Nice to know that Japan is slowly going back normal. This surely gives hope to other countries like here in the Phils. where scarcity of masks is just secondary to food shortages in various rural areas and to some affected contractual workers. Stay safe

  9. There is such a shortage of facemasks in the US that some hospitals are now requesting citizens to sew them.

    I hope you stay safe and healthy.


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