Hello,friends.How are you doing?I will write about the average age for getting married in Japan today.Last week,one of my best friends in high school got married and I’ve attended his wedding party.It was touching and felt that getting old at the same time.He’s 27 years old,has two kids and great family already.On the contrary I’m addicted to just working and something that I wanna do.I know there are millions way for your life and no answers,in my opinion,the most important thing is to have your specific dream or ambition and make every effort to reach it at all costs.Anyway,Let me tell you the main topic as follows today.

①At what age do Japanese normally get married?
In 2016,the average age to get married to the first time was 31.3 for men and 29.2 for women.Up until the early 70’s,although the average age for women was under 25,it has been rising since then,as more women are pursing higher education and professional careers for stable life style due to prolonged recession in Japan,because,unless they have expertise or knowledge on specific fields,it’s harder to find a good job.Not only that,both men and women are getting married at wider range of ages today.Aside from this tendency getting married late,the increasing rate of unmarried people,especially women,are able to be considered a social problem. Approximate 60% of Japanese women between the ages of 25 and 29 aren’t get married.In order to solve this critical issue,we Japan need to improve the economic situation and make faster circulation of money that increase incomes to each Japanese and make them affordable to get married easily.
From my point of view,whether you getting married or not is not that important.We have a wide variety of life styles these days.If you feel great with only yourselves,you should not marry with someone. Just follow your mind.

②Is the arranged marriage still in Japan?
We had the culture of the “arranged marriages” in the past.For example,your folks try to find out someone who would match you and forced you to get married to him/her.But it’s absolutely obsolete here in Japan today.Nobody likes it that way.The arranged marriages are just about 6 % in Japan.On the other hand,love marriages are 94% today.Since the world war second,we Japan have imported lots of western cultures and ideas that changed conventional Japanese cultures and make us efficient,free and updated significantly.Of course,there were some disadvantages like losing cultural minds and so on.As for’s not a big deal and the thing we need to accept.
Recently,It’s trendy to find out a girl or boy friend on SNS or dating apps like “Tinder” or “Pairs”.Since time is ticking,it might be a good idea to use one.

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Hi,friends.I will write about why Japanese drive on the left of road.Since I was born and raised in Japan,I’m used to driving on the left side.On the other hand,it seems ordinary to drive on the right side of the road in the world. The other day,one of my friends visited in US for business and drove a car there,but the Americans usually drove on right side,he said it felt absolutely wrong and scary.
In order to prevent accidents,we all nations may need to consider unifying the line people drive internationally.

①Why do Japanese drive on the left side of the road?
There are some popular beliefs for the left side driving as follows.
Driving on the left side was more convenient in ancient times in terms of Japanese history,because warriors were supposed to stand on left side of horses to mount it and if they were riding on the left,they could hold weapons in their right hands to fight against enemies or protect themselves.As you can see the below pic of Japanese Samurai,he has a sword on left side that means it’s easier to take it out by right hand all of a sudden and hit enemies quickly. On the other hand,some say that Japan has adopted British traffic law in Meiji period,because we also had followed the method of the train constructions from UK.Although there’re some hot arguments about it,it depends on people which one believe.

②Why do most countries choose the right side of road?
It is said that there’re two reason as follows.
・Napoleon(1769-1821) was a left-hander
Napoleon is know for a person who has carried out improving infrastructure around countries he conquered.When he started doing it,instructed standardizing the rules of traffic law that including right-side driving.As UK was not conquered by him,it’s left-side driving.
・Due to strategy of war from Napoleon
In those days,it was normal to fight with enemies in front,but Napoleon has come up with a strategy that attach them by right side and made them be thrown into confusion.
Although I’m not quite sure about Napoleon,he seems interesting and intelligent.If someone seeing this blog know about truth,please let me know.

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Hello,friends.I will write about Japanese gambling Pachinko today.
Basically It’s not allowed to do gambling in Japan like Casino,Baseball gambling,Soccer gambling,because there’s high possibility for people to get addiction and out of control.But Pachinko is one of the exceptions due to the interests of Japanese government.When I was a college student,I’ve once played the Pachinko with my friends and won almost 1,000USD for just betting 50USD that is called “Beginners luck”.That luck makes us have confidence,get addicted and spend lots of money and time,what’s worse,ruin your family and relationships of your friends.
But If you have full confidence to control yourself,you can try it when you visit in Japan.
Now Let me introduce what Pachinko is first as follows.

①What is Pachinko?
Pachiko is a kind of vertical pinball gambling that is one of the most popular pastimes in Japan.By controlling a manual or electric-spring flipper,a player launches steel balls to the top of the Pachinko panel.If a falling ball enters a target hole,the machine dispenses many balls.My friends who like Pachinko said it’s not only making money but also like to see Anime Characters on the display. The accumulated balls are able to be exchanged for money or prizes such as cigarettes or sweets.Although the numbers have been decreasing recently,there are still approximate 10,060 Pachinko parlors in 2018 according to the statistics.
So If you wanna enjoy with this gambling,you are able to play it throughout Japan.

②How much is the sales for Pachinko Industry ?
Sales for Pachinko in Japan is quite huge. I’ve made a diagram of it that from 2012 until 2018.Although the sales have been decreasing due to the strict regulations and getting variety of other amusements like Smartphone games,it’s still gigantic industry.In 2018,Sales for 20,700 billion Yen(Approximate USD191.7 billion)and Profits for 3,380 billion Yen(Approximate USD3.1 billion).Wherever it is,gambling is a efficient business to make huge money,but at the same time makes people crazy.

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Hi,friends!How are you doing today?
I will write about whether Japanese and Chinese language are similar or not.
Unless you are Chinese or Japanese people,you may not recognize which is Chinese or Japanese for following questions.
Q1 ①野鸟②野鳥  (Bard)
Q2 ①飲酒②酒 (Alcohol)
Q3 ①感謝②感谢  (Appreciation)
*Answer is put at the bottom of this article
So let me be clear for it today.

①Are Japanese language and Chinese similar ?
Answer is No.Aside from Kanji which was originally imported from Chinese,Japanese is quite different from Chinese in terms of linguistics.
I’m sure that Chinese is even closer to English rather than Japanese grammatically.They say for example,”Wo ai ni”,or”I love you”in Chinese using the same word order as English.The order of Japanese is “I you love”.Chinese is also a typical tonal language,in which the difference in tones gives words different meanings even if they have the same pronunciation.But as I mentioned first,Chinese Characters is similar.For example,when I stop by Chinese airport or visiting China,We Japanese are able to understand sings without reading other subtitles.

②Is Japanese honorific expression complicated ?
Japanese has a wide variety of levels for honorific expressions.I guess the same goes for other Asian languages like Korean,Chinese,Vietnamese,Thai and Cambodian.This is one of the factors that make foreigners feel hard to learn Asian languages.Although I’m not quite sure except for Japanese,there are two types of honorifics in Japanese.One is respectful expression used for seniors,the other is humble one that makes oneself down and up to someone you respect.If you wanna master Japanese seriously,I highly recommend you watch Japanese Anime or Manga and get used to sounds first.

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Hi,guys.I will write about what “Samurai” is today.Since Samurai is usually used as one of the characters in Anime or Manga,you may have heard about it somewhere in your life.When I ask the question to foreigners “what is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Japan?”,they usually answer “SAMURAI””Cherry blossoms””Mt.Fuji” and so on.So let me tell you about samurai today.

①What is Samurai ?
Samurai have existed as Japanese professional warriors holding their own swords from 794-1876(The HEIAN~MEIJI).They were basically serving feudal lords or people of their higher position to protect them all the time. In order to be a Samurai,they had to learn Military arts and the policy of “BUSHIDO” that means the ethical code of the Samurai emphasizing absolute loyalty to their masters.Especially the BUSHIDO is really important for them,but it’s contents depend on the feudal lords they serve.In general,the following policies are in common for any Samurai.
・Take responsibility for your behaviors
・Sacrifice your life for your master
・Be prepare to give up your life once you made a mistake
Some say that above policies such as staking their own life were related to “SEPPUKU”and”HARAKIRI” that mean suicide by ritual disembowelment practiced by the Japanese samurai to avoid a disgraceful execution.
*Let me introduce the famous proverbs Samurai always used
・A samurai’s word is as solid as a rock
・A noble-minded person will never lose his or her pride even in poor circumstances.

②What is Japanese sword?
Japaneses swords are famous and known throughout the world for their sharpness and strength.In the Edo-period,swords were believed that is the soul of the Samurai,who wished to possess those of the highest quality.Therefore,techniques to produce blades of superior quality were pursed and developed at that time.Blades of Japanese swords exhibit beautiful tempered patterns.They have longer hilts than Western swords and a metal piece called a TSUBA,or a sword guards,at the base of the hilt to knock away an opponent’s sword and to protect the owner’s hands.

③Do Samurai still exist in Japan?
I don’t think they still exist in Japan due to developed weapons right now.But I know the place called Samurai Dojo that you are able to learn how to use Japanese swords or study actual their histories in Tokyo. If you are interested in it ,you should visit.

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Hi,guys.I will tell you about average height of Japanese today.
What do you think about our height? Since we Japanese are one of the Asians,you would come up that we’re not that tall compared to Caucasoid or Negroid.It is true. Although my height is 174 cm(5ft8.5in) and my friends are almost like this,I can see lots of people below 170cm(5ft6.93in) on the street in Tokyo.Let me show you the statistics of average height of Japanese as follows.

What is the average height of Japanese ?
According to Japanese government in 2018,the average height of 24-years-old men were 171.8cm(5ft7.64in), 24-year-old women for 157.7cm(5ft2.09in). Compared with those of the 1900’s in Japan,that list men at 160.9cm(5ft3.35in) and women at 147.9cm(4ft10.23in).
It is said that one of the main reasons we have grown significantly is “balanced school lunch” we usually eat from elementary to Junior high school.To be honest I didn’t like it,but had no choice but to eat.Some of the teachers were kind of strict and forced me to eat one when I was a elementary kid.The following picture is a school lunch that provided.
All of the buildings,trains,cars,houses are made for these Japanese average height.If you are tall like over 185cm(6ft0.83in),you would feel uncomfortable living in Japan.

②How much is the Japanese average weight?
In 2018,the average weights for 24-years-old men were 69.5Kg, 24-year-old women were 50Kg. Since I’m not quite sure for the statistics of other countries,I guess these numbers are not way too high or low.You can compare above Japanese numbers with those of your countries and leave your comments here on this blog.I’m just curious of each country’s one.Looking forward to seeing you.

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Hi,guys.I will tell you about earthquakes that usually happen in Japan today.
Japan is known as a county for earthquakes that frequently occur every year.In 2011 Mar 11th,the huge and gigantic one hit HUKUSHIMA prefecture and it killed tens of thousands of people living around there.It was the worst earthquake ever in my life.When it happened,I was still a high school student and in the middle of graduate ceremony of the high school in TOKYO.Lots of instruments and appliance fell from shelves and shattered into fragments.Even if we Japanese were used to earthquakes,it was the exception,way too strong and out of control.

①How often do earthquakes occur in Japan?
According to Japanese government,it occurs more than 1,000 tremors that ordinary people are able to feel every year.Since ancient times,earthquakes have been the most horrible calamity for Japanese due to unpredictable things,even in spite of our high technological advances these days.The Japanese often humorously mention that the most horrible stuffs are earthquakes,fires,thunders,and mothers. The following diagram is the statistics of earthquakes happened in the past.

②How do you protect yourselves when earthquakes happened?
Once you felt the shake,you have to go under a table,hide your head and wait until it gets ease first.This is the first thing we usually learn in elementary school.
You should not go outside in hurry due to falling or collapsing a ceiling.Be calm and stay easy.

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Hi,guys.I’m gonna introduce Japanese “Ninja” today.You may have heard it so far in your life.Ninja has been so famous and popular thanks to the Anime of “Naruto” that published since 1999.When I was in Elementary school,it was so trendy and all of my friends made believe they’re Ninja like Naruto,Sasuke and so on.

①What is Ninja?
Ninja have existed as a professional to assassinate,kill somebody and spy for work from 1336-1700(The Muromachi~Edo period).Some experts say that they served as a assistant for Japanese feudal lord called “DAIMIO” and the lord of the manors.Once a feudal lord command whatever they want,Ninja were supposed to do anything under them.On the other hand,it is said there were some independent Ninja who didn’t belong to any feudal lords.The particular Ninja were making some money through just a contract.For example,If someone need some specific confidential info or assassinate enemy,the Ninja work on it instead of payment or other rewards.Not only the male Ninja,Female Ninja have also existed called “KUNOICHI”.They were basically in charge of spy for enemy or make them horny.These conducts are might one of the reason that produced the word of “HENTAI” in Japan.

I’ve been living in TOKYO,JAPAN for over 26 years and never seen them so far.Some say they are still alive in countryside,but it’s still not quite sure.If you’re interested in it,you should visit the following website that explain about contemporary Ninja in details.

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