Hello,friends.How are you doing?I will write about the average age for getting married in Japan today.Last week,one of my best friends in high school got married and I’ve attended his wedding party.It was touching and felt that getting old at the same time.He’s 27 years old,has two kids and great family already.On the contrary I’m addicted to just working and something that I wanna do.I know there are millions way for your life and no answers,in my opinion,the most important thing is to have your specific dream or ambition and make every effort to reach it at all costs.Anyway,Let me tell you the main topic as follows today.

①At what age do Japanese normally get married?
In 2016,the average age to get married to the first time was 31.3 for men and 29.2 for women.Up until the early 70’s,although the average age for women was under 25,it has been rising since then,as more women are pursing higher education and professional careers for stable life style due to prolonged recession in Japan,because,unless they have expertise or knowledge on specific fields,it’s harder to find a good job.Not only that,both men and women are getting married at wider range of ages today.Aside from this tendency getting married late,the increasing rate of unmarried people,especially women,are able to be considered a social problem. Approximate 60% of Japanese women between the ages of 25 and 29 aren’t get married.In order to solve this critical issue,we Japan need to improve the economic situation and make faster circulation of money that increase incomes to each Japanese and make them affordable to get married easily.
From my point of view,whether you getting married or not is not that important.We have a wide variety of life styles these days.If you feel great with only yourselves,you should not marry with someone. Just follow your mind.

②Is the arranged marriage still in Japan?
We had the culture of the “arranged marriages” in the past.For example,your folks try to find out someone who would match you and forced you to get married to him/her.But it’s absolutely obsolete here in Japan today.Nobody likes it that way.The arranged marriages are just about 6 % in Japan.On the other hand,love marriages are 94% today.Since the world war second,we Japan have imported lots of western cultures and ideas that changed conventional Japanese cultures and make us efficient,free and updated significantly.Of course,there were some disadvantages like losing cultural minds and so on.As for’s not a big deal and the thing we need to accept.
Recently,It’s trendy to find out a girl or boy friend on SNS or dating apps like “Tinder” or “Pairs”.Since time is ticking,it might be a good idea to use one.

Thank you for reading the article today.

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  2. You’re right.When it comes to Japan,there’s a bunch of high taxes we need to pay and low-salaries compared to other developed countries,so most Japanese don’t afford to have many kids.What’s worse,Japanese government doesn’t even try to solve this issue…

  3. I think in most countries now that the marrying ages have increased and it is for the reasons you identified, pressures for extensive education for better pay essentially. Also in many countries the birth rate has dropped which I think would be beneficial in many more countries.

  4. Nice informative post. I do notice that Asians are getting married later. I, myself only got married when I was 35 years old.

  5. Thank you for the comment.Yes,it is.According to a survey in 2018,the rate of divorce in Japan was 1.68% that means it’s supposed to get divorce 1.7 couples in thousand.Regarding the latter question,the rate for the divorce of the arranged marriage is higher than just love marriage here in Japan

  6. Is there a big percentage of divorces in Japan based on marrying later or not. And between arranged marriages and not arranged marriages is there a difference in divorce rate?

  7. I think age doesn’t matter as long as you feel it is the right time for you and you are ready for all the responsibilities you are going to face. I dreamed of getting married by age 25 then it didn’t happen until past 30. It’s just not the right time I guess.

  8. It seems marriage ages in Japan are pretty much in line with the many other countrues. Career and financial pressures and aspirations are determining factors in many other countries. Thank you for sharing this, it was an interesting blog.


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