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I will write about whether Japanese and Chinese language are similar or not.
Unless you are Chinese or Japanese people,you may not recognize which is Chinese or Japanese for following questions.
Q1 ①野鸟②野鳥  (Bard)
Q2 ①飲酒②酒 (Alcohol)
Q3 ①感謝②感谢  (Appreciation)
*Answer is put at the bottom of this article
So let me be clear for it today.

①Are Japanese language and Chinese similar ?
Answer is No.Aside from Kanji which was originally imported from Chinese,Japanese is quite different from Chinese in terms of linguistics.
I’m sure that Chinese is even closer to English rather than Japanese grammatically.They say for example,”Wo ai ni”,or”I love you”in Chinese using the same word order as English.The order of Japanese is “I you love”.Chinese is also a typical tonal language,in which the difference in tones gives words different meanings even if they have the same pronunciation.But as I mentioned first,Chinese Characters is similar.For example,when I stop by Chinese airport or visiting China,We Japanese are able to understand sings without reading other subtitles.

②Is Japanese honorific expression complicated ?
Japanese has a wide variety of levels for honorific expressions.I guess the same goes for other Asian languages like Korean,Chinese,Vietnamese,Thai and Cambodian.This is one of the factors that make foreigners feel hard to learn Asian languages.Although I’m not quite sure except for Japanese,there are two types of honorifics in Japanese.One is respectful expression used for seniors,the other is humble one that makes oneself down and up to someone you respect.If you wanna master Japanese seriously,I highly recommend you watch Japanese Anime or Manga and get used to sounds first.

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  1. I love archeological findings that include writing.
    Last summer, we went to Ireland, England, and Scotland where we saw carved symbols in megalithic, neolithic stones. I was so fascinated!

  2. Thank you for your comment Sheila.
    I guess Chinese Character is older than others such a Japanese “Hiragana” or “Katakana “.

    I like your perspective.The languages used around world might be related each other:)

  3. Do you think the Asian languages are older than the others? I mean the characters, the symbols, remind me of Egyptian cuneiform writing.
    I loved your article! ❤️

  4. Nice. Many years ago in high school in America I had a wonderful Japanese teacher. Fond memories, but now I remember so little. I still have the old text book…I’m going to look for it! Thank you!


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