Hi,friends.How are you doing today?Corona virus is spreading even more day by day that will affect Tokyo Olympic here in Tokyo.Unless Japanese government controls the affair ASAP,Some expert say it will be called off or postponed.If so,serious recession would set in and get gigantic damage in Japan….

Btw,Since I have visited Akihabara in Tokyo yesterday and found a funny shop named m’s there,I will write about it today. Basically the shop m’s focus on selling items that helps masturbating for both boys and girls.It’s six-story building and kind of cramped.
2F Men’s support (Artificial vagina,doll)
3F Women’s support(vibrator,love egg,SM,ring,suck)
4F Condom,Sex lotion
5F Lingerie
6F Costume

Men’s support
Men’s support
Women’s support
Women’s support

WHAT KIND OF CITY IS AKIHABARA??https://goo.gl/maps/wfnW1dd9m26oyABC9
Akihabara is a buzzing shopping hub famed for its electronics retailers, ranging from tiny stalls to vast department shops like Yodobashi Multimedia Akiba. Venues specializing in Japanese culture such as Manga,Anime,and Video games including Tokyo Anime Center, for exhibits and souvenirs, and Radio Kaikan with 10 floors of toys, trading cards, and collectibles. You also come across staff dressed as maids or butlers serve tea and desserts at nearby maid cafes in anywhere.

Akihabara station
Meido girl picking up a guy walking on the street

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5 Replies to “AKIHABARA IN TOKYO (R-18)”

  1. Thank you for the comment leendadll:)
    Yes,it’s six floor! You can get anything you want there.
    I didn’t know that girls for Jill.Thanks

  2. SIX FLOORS?!?!????

    fyi: uncommon but funny english slang for females is “jilling off” (boys jack, so girls jill)

    Is this the area where Robot Cafe is/was located??


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