5 Best Ramen in Tokyo 2020

Hey guys.I’m Taiki living in Tokyo for over 26 years.I’m gonna introduce “5 Best Ramen in Tokyo” today.Once you visit Tokyo,you wanna eat prestigious Ramen that local people loves. but I guess you have no idea where to go to eat a delicious Ramen when you visit Tokyo. Then leave it to me. Lets’s get started.

5,MENYA-SAKURAI(麺屋 さくら井)

MENYA-SAKURAI is one of the most popular Ramen for Japanese.
The owner here is picky about ingredients for soup,it is cooked from six types of soy sauces and others various foostuffs.The roast pork on top of the ramen is easy to melt in your mouth and suits the soup completely.Since Menya-Sakurai is often crowded,it’s better for you to go there around 13:00~14:30.

Google Map:https://goo.gl/maps/wza9N9hLLwZTeScT7
Access:12 min walk from Mitaka station
Hours:Mon,Thu,Fri,Sat 11:30am~15:00pm 18:00pm~20:30pm
Tue,Sun,National Holidays 11:30am~15:00pm
Wed are closed.


RAMEN-SUGIMOTO is also famous for Japanese.It’s easy to access here from the nearest station,only takes 1 min walk.If you visit here,I highly recommend you to eat “SPECIAL SYOUYU RAMEN”/特製醤油らぁ麺.You will be able to enjoy three types of roast porks,WANTAN(Chinese flour dumplings with meat stuffing) and soft-boiled egg at the same time.There are good combination with the soup and a little bit tough noodles.

Google Map:https://goo.gl/maps/boRNAUj9V7SXatFz7
Access:1 min walk from Saginomiya station
Hours:Mon 11:30am~15:00pm
Wed-Sun 11:30am~15:00pm 18:00~21:00
Mon 11:30am~15:00pm
Tue are closed.


MENSON-RAGE is ranked in top 3.Here is located in “OGIKUBO” that is known for the area lots of Ramen stores are in. If you come here,you definitely have to eat “GUNKEI-SOBA/軍鶏そば“ that soup is based from Soy sauce.This type of ramen is so popular and most of people order this.Also this restaurant has been listed on Michelin guide.It’s worth visiting here.

Google Map:https://goo.gl/maps/2ziEGNEcNmRAab4PA
Access:4 min walk from Ogikubo station
Hours: Mon-Sat 11:00am~15:00pm 18:00pm~21:00am
Sun.National Holidays:11:00am~16:00pm


HOMEMADE RAMEN-MUGINAE is absolutely perfect “SYOUYU-RAMEN”ever.
It’s not only soup,noodles but also the porks,Chicken,eggs,dumpling on the top of ramen are delicious and high quality.It’s obvious for people to prefer this to others.Compared to other ramen,it’s good cost-performance for only about 10$ for this.

Google Map:https://goo.gl/maps/Vr62zMyGjrhTg4Ub6
Access:7 min walk from Omori station
Hours:Mon-Fri 11:30~14:30 18:00~Until supply last
Weekend 11:30~Until supply last
My days off vary


Google Map:https://goo.gl/maps/SRpyxqYuy1u9NHpa9
Access:10 min walk from Sengawa station
Hours:11:00am~15:00pm 17:30pm~21:00pm
Mon are closed.

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