Most funeral in Japan are done with Buddhist rites unless people have a strong faith in other religious such as Christianity.Most Japanese belong to both the Shinto and Buddhist faith,usually conduct their funerals with Buddhist rites.There are,however. some people who only to the Shinto faith,who conducted their funerals with Shinto rites.At typical Buddhist funerals,Buddhist monks chant sutras for the deceased. Relatives and close friends hold a wake called “tsuya” the next day,which is followed by a farewell service called “kokubetsushiki”
where Buddhist monks recite a sutra and people burn incense one after another for the repose of the departed soul.After these ceremonies,the deceased is cremated in a local crematory and the remains are buried in a cemetery.After that,relatives regularly hold Buddhist service for the deceased where Buddhist monks recite sutras. They are hold on the 7th and 49th days after death,one year after,two years after and at ever increasing intervals after.



The rate of cremation in Japan is over 90 %, that is the highest in the world.There are still lots of countries,for example where Catholicism as the main religion,in which people are prejudiced against cremation,although more countries are starting to cremate bodies due to sanitation problems and lack of space.In Japan,cremation was done as early as in the 7th century partly because Buddha,the founder of Buddhism,was cremated.It is said that his only remains called “Busshan”were divided into 84,000 parts by King Ashoka in India in the third century BC,and given to many different countries.they are found in some Japanese temples and are usually kept in pagodas.

A family Buddhist altar

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Be careful of Corona virus and stay safe.


Hi,friends.How are you doing today?
Corona virus keeps spreading even more these days and nobody stops this affair.
All we have to do is to stay at home and avoid meeting people in person.

I’ve got the face masks from Japanese government above pic finally.
It’s supposed to be distributed by the government to each household(Two face masks each)in Japan which means they managed to handle approximate 260 millions of face masks through Japanese company ITOCHU CORPORATION, KOWA, MATSUOKA CORPORATION under this situation.
Since any face masks are out of stock here in Tokyo right now ,it’s grateful and helpful.But one bad thing about this is really costly,the Japanese government mentioned that it costed 44,600,000,000 yen(about US$47 billion).As you already know that the expense is from taxes people managed to pay until now.
There’s lots of Japanese complaining about this cost and saying it’s a waste of money.
What’s worse,the quality of those face masks are low and also many people who got one found defects like stains,mixing bugs and so on.Then government has decided to recall the face masks.

Not only ordinary citizen but also the government are on terribly panic and our of control right now.Let’s see what will happen after this.

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I will write about the system of pension in Japan today.
If you are interested in Japanese tax rate,please take a look at this article from beginning to the end.You might find lots of differences from your country.

①Approximately How much pension does Japanese receive ?
In 2019 the average pension for a worker who paid a premium for 40 years was about 140,000 yen(About 1,300USD) per month.It is supposed to be paid from the age of 65,but when I turn 65(I’m 27 right now),it would change the policy that to 70 or 75 due to Japanese huge deficit.Until 2001,it was paid from 60,but the government decided to delay the age to 65 since then.
We have to make and save enough money to provide for our family by the retirement of company if you are a employee.

②What is the average tax rate in Japan?
Japanese income tax is 5%~45% of a person’s salary,but about 90% of workers pay less than 20%.The taxable income is deducted for those who have dependents.When it comes to resident tax has been fixed at 10%.Since I made the following diagrams,please compare it with yours.

③How many years income do people need to purchase a small house in Japan?
It depends on the size and the location,but for example,an average-sized house with a floor area of 100 square meters in the suburbs costs something between 30 to 40 million yen.That is about six to seven times the average income of a Japanese.

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Here in Tokyo is on panic due to Corona virus.We are being asked to stay home by Japanese government right now,not mandatory yet.So unfortunately lots of people still go outside to work or do something they just wanna do that is not so necessary right now.Under this situation,it’s not possible to curb this terrible virus….
Japanese Government seems not to be serious yet though they know what’s going on Italy,Spain,States.
From my point of view,the priority as Japanese government is economy,not health of citizens.
I know that if the unemployed rate started increasing due to economical matter,the suicide rate is going to be increased at the same time according to statistics.
The fist thing government has to do is to confront the difficulty seriously and take a right direction,but our prime minister Abe is not someone like that.There seems out of control and over capacity for him.He might need the strong leadership of Donald Trump.
Lots of more things I want to write here,but let me write about main topic Ramen today as follows.

Ramen,Japan’s impressive noodle soup dish,doesn’t only enjoy massive popularity in its home country but all around the world.Trying to eat a authentic Ramen in Japan is a highlight for most tourists,but a wide variety of shops and noodle soups can make this endeavor harder than it seems.So I’m supposed to introduce only delicious one here.

Since I’ve found a delicious Ramen shop near my house,let me write about it here.

Google Map:https:https://goo.gl/maps/99CYU6UrhTf6PCdw9
Access:2 min walk from Gakugeidaigaku station
Hours:Mon-Sat 11:00am~1:30am
Sun 11:00am~10:30pm
Credit Card:not accepted
Reservation:not accepted

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The total land area of Japan is approximately 378,000 square kilometers,that is about one twenty-fifth of that the United States or China.It is much smaller than the state of California and about the same size as Germany or Vietnam.


Japan is an archipelago stretching a total of 3,500 kilometers from northeast to southwest.Tokyo,located nearly in the middle of the archipelago,lies at 140 degrees east longitude and 36 degrees north latitude.The latitude of Tokyo is about the same as that of North Carolina in the United States,that of Tsingtao in China,and that of the south of Italy.London is located further north than the northern end of Japan.

Japan is an arc-shaped archipelago consisting of four main islands,Hokkaido,Honshu,Shikoku,and there are,in total,more than 6,000 islands.Nearly 70 %of the land in Japan is mountains and forests,and flat areas are limited.About 12.2 % of the land is used for agriculture and only 4% of it is for residential use.Although Japan is known as one of the most industrialized nations in the world,the land used for industrial purposes is a mere 0.4%.

The highest mountains in Japan is undoubtedly the famous Mt.Fuji,at 3,776 meters in height.The longest river in Japan is the Shinano,which is 367 kilometers in length.By comparison,Mt.Everest,the highest mountain in the world,is 8,848 meters in height and the Amazon,the longest river in the world,is 6,520 kilometers long.

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Hi,friends.How’s it going with the Corona virus in your country ?
It’s been spreading significantly…
Hope everything is gonna be okay for you guys,praying from here Japan.

By the way,I came back to my parent’s house (Western part of Tokyo:https://goo.gl/maps/YqzhZn7FbYjMw5i87) yesterday and went to a calm place you see beautiful nature to avoid Corona virus with my motor bike,took some pics as follows.The place is at OKUTAMA TOWN:https://goo.gl/maps/JjjWN6HNL7UW2kdM8

The first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Tokyo is that might be modern places or quite busy cites,but not only that there’re lots of places filled in nature.
Since I was born and raised in Tokyo,I’m totally familiar with this area that most of the other people don’t share in any blogs or Youtube.

SAKURA(Cherry blossoms)
SAKURA(Cherry blossoms)
SAKURA(Cherry blossoms)
University : https://goo.gl/maps/T4Md3BGEb2fR6M2f8
Shopping mall
On my way to my parent home
My motor bike Ducati
Okutama Town : https://goo.gl/maps/JjjWN6HNL7UW2kdM8
Okutama Town:https://goo.gl/maps/JjjWN6HNL7UW2kdM8
This is the my way to grill a steak with stone

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