Hi,guys.I will write about what “Samurai” is today.Since Samurai is usually used as one of the characters in Anime or Manga,you may have heard about it somewhere in your life.When I ask the question to foreigners “what is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Japan?”,they usually answer “SAMURAI””Cherry blossoms””Mt.Fuji” and so on.So let me tell you about samurai today.

①What is Samurai ?
Samurai have existed as Japanese professional warriors holding their own swords from 794-1876(The HEIAN~MEIJI).They were basically serving feudal lords or people of their higher position to protect them all the time. In order to be a Samurai,they had to learn Military arts and the policy of “BUSHIDO” that means the ethical code of the Samurai emphasizing absolute loyalty to their masters.Especially the BUSHIDO is really important for them,but it’s contents depend on the feudal lords they serve.In general,the following policies are in common for any Samurai.
・Take responsibility for your behaviors
・Sacrifice your life for your master
・Be prepare to give up your life once you made a mistake
Some say that above policies such as staking their own life were related to “SEPPUKU”and”HARAKIRI” that mean suicide by ritual disembowelment practiced by the Japanese samurai to avoid a disgraceful execution.
*Let me introduce the famous proverbs Samurai always used
・A samurai’s word is as solid as a rock
・A noble-minded person will never lose his or her pride even in poor circumstances.

②What is Japanese sword?
Japaneses swords are famous and known throughout the world for their sharpness and strength.In the Edo-period,swords were believed that is the soul of the Samurai,who wished to possess those of the highest quality.Therefore,techniques to produce blades of superior quality were pursed and developed at that time.Blades of Japanese swords exhibit beautiful tempered patterns.They have longer hilts than Western swords and a metal piece called a TSUBA,or a sword guards,at the base of the hilt to knock away an opponent’s sword and to protect the owner’s hands.

③Do Samurai still exist in Japan?
I don’t think they still exist in Japan due to developed weapons right now.But I know the place called Samurai Dojo that you are able to learn how to use Japanese swords or study actual their histories in Tokyo. If you are interested in it ,you should visit. https://samurai-kamui.com/dojo/?lang=en

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Hi,guys.I will tell you about average height of Japanese today.
What do you think about our height? Since we Japanese are one of the Asians,you would come up that we’re not that tall compared to Caucasoid or Negroid.It is true. Although my height is 174 cm(5ft8.5in) and my friends are almost like this,I can see lots of people below 170cm(5ft6.93in) on the street in Tokyo.Let me show you the statistics of average height of Japanese as follows.

What is the average height of Japanese ?
According to Japanese government in 2018,the average height of 24-years-old men were 171.8cm(5ft7.64in), 24-year-old women for 157.7cm(5ft2.09in). Compared with those of the 1900’s in Japan,that list men at 160.9cm(5ft3.35in) and women at 147.9cm(4ft10.23in).
It is said that one of the main reasons we have grown significantly is “balanced school lunch” we usually eat from elementary to Junior high school.To be honest I didn’t like it,but had no choice but to eat.Some of the teachers were kind of strict and forced me to eat one when I was a elementary kid.The following picture is a school lunch that provided.
All of the buildings,trains,cars,houses are made for these Japanese average height.If you are tall like over 185cm(6ft0.83in),you would feel uncomfortable living in Japan.

②How much is the Japanese average weight?
In 2018,the average weights for 24-years-old men were 69.5Kg, 24-year-old women were 50Kg. Since I’m not quite sure for the statistics of other countries,I guess these numbers are not way too high or low.You can compare above Japanese numbers with those of your countries and leave your comments here on this blog.I’m just curious of each country’s one.Looking forward to seeing you.

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Hi,guys.I will tell you about earthquakes that usually happen in Japan today.
Japan is known as a county for earthquakes that frequently occur every year.In 2011 Mar 11th,the huge and gigantic one hit HUKUSHIMA prefecture and it killed tens of thousands of people living around there.It was the worst earthquake ever in my life.When it happened,I was still a high school student and in the middle of graduate ceremony of the high school in TOKYO.Lots of instruments and appliance fell from shelves and shattered into fragments.Even if we Japanese were used to earthquakes,it was the exception,way too strong and out of control.

①How often do earthquakes occur in Japan?
According to Japanese government,it occurs more than 1,000 tremors that ordinary people are able to feel every year.Since ancient times,earthquakes have been the most horrible calamity for Japanese due to unpredictable things,even in spite of our high technological advances these days.The Japanese often humorously mention that the most horrible stuffs are earthquakes,fires,thunders,and mothers. The following diagram is the statistics of earthquakes happened in the past.

②How do you protect yourselves when earthquakes happened?
Once you felt the shake,you have to go under a table,hide your head and wait until it gets ease first.This is the first thing we usually learn in elementary school.
You should not go outside in hurry due to falling or collapsing a ceiling.Be calm and stay easy.

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