Hi,guys.I’ll share you with the Japanese “POLITENESS”today.Sometimes my friends from overseas countries say “Why are Japanese so polite?”(For example,I’ve misplaced my wallet in train,public park,school etc 5 times in my life,but it returned to me perfectly in next day.If a Japanese found something people misplaced on the street,most of them will automatically bring it to the nearest police station.) Since I didn’t even think about it,let me explain it here.From my point of view,there are two reasons as follows.

①EDUCATION :When I was a child,my parents always taught me “you can’t be a nuisance to anyone””Be polite to anyone”. Most Japanese believe that honesty pays off in the long run.I guess lots of Japanese got brought up like this from their parents.Aside from that,we are taught by school teachers to clean up in classroom every day until high school.Those mind never leaves from Japanese,so once we grew up,we usually try to be neat and polite to anyone.

②ISLAND COUNTRY:As you already know,Japan is an Island.So it’s been an independent country for long time and only a few enemies beside Japan that means we didn’t need to fight with someone compared to other countries like China,Korea,Russia.Then we’ve realized that it’s not competition but supporting each other that much more efficient and important for enhancing ourselves.

Thank you for reading this article.In summary,if you haven’t come to Japan,I highly recommend visiting here.Since Tokyo Olympic will be held next year 2020,it’s also good opportunity.You guys are more than welcome.