Hi,guys.I’m gonna introduce Japanese “Ninja” today.You may have heard it so far in your life.Ninja has been so famous and popular thanks to the Anime of “Naruto” that published since 1999.When I was in Elementary school,it was so trendy and all of my friends made believe they’re Ninja like Naruto,Sasuke and so on.

①What is Ninja?
Ninja have existed as a professional to assassinate,kill somebody and spy for work from 1336-1700(The Muromachi~Edo period).Some experts say that they served as a assistant for Japanese feudal lord called “DAIMIO” and the lord of the manors.Once a feudal lord command whatever they want,Ninja were supposed to do anything under them.On the other hand,it is said there were some independent Ninja who didn’t belong to any feudal lords.The particular Ninja were making some money through just a contract.For example,If someone need some specific confidential info or assassinate enemy,the Ninja work on it instead of payment or other rewards.Not only the male Ninja,Female Ninja have also existed called “KUNOICHI”.They were basically in charge of spy for enemy or make them horny.These conducts are might one of the reason that produced the word of “HENTAI” in Japan.

I’ve been living in TOKYO,JAPAN for over 26 years and never seen them so far.Some say they are still alive in countryside,but it’s still not quite sure.If you’re interested in it,you should visit the following website that explain about contemporary Ninja in details.

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Hi,guys.Let me tell you about “NATTO” which is one of the most popular and famous Japanese food today. I’ve grown up with this food and keep me healthy.
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①What is “Natto”??
Natto is a Japanese traditional food that made from soybeans.It’s steamed and put in straw pipes with Natto yeast where it’s ferment and become sticky. It is served with mustard called “Karashi” and soy source.We Japanese usually eat one for breakfast every day.Natto is also reasonable,3 packs for below 1USD in supermarket.On the other hand,some Japanese doesn’t like it due to smells and sticky appearance.This is what foreigner say as well.My friends from USA said that Natto is the worst food I’ve ever tried.

②Is Natto good for your health? Some experts say Natto is good for health.It’s supposed to prevent myocardial infarction and cerebral infarction because of the yeast called “Nattonaze”.The yeasts are able to melt the thrombus and keeps the circulation of blood smooth,that keeps for 6-8 hours after eating.So it’s effective to eat it before going bed.What’s more,it is good for “Anti-aging” as well.Polyamine that is one of the elements in Natto is to loose the hardening of the arteries and leave your skin moist.Not only that,it’s also including much Amino-acid,vitamin B,protein.If you’re worried about your health,I highly recommend to try it.

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Hi,guys.I’ll share you guys with the salary of Japanese today.From my point of view,it is not good compared to other developed countries like USA,Europe.Japan has been on the prolonged recession since economic growth is over in 1990’s.At the same time,the standards of salaries got lower than before.Let me answer the above question as a actual Japanese worker today.

How much is the average starting salary for college graduates in Japan?
According to the Japanese government,In 2019,the college graduates for male have gotten paid about 206,700 Yen per month plus additional payment which is called “BONUSES”.On the other hand,females were for 196,500 yen plus bonuses.Bonuses are part of the regular annual income for workers in Japan.Without it,it’s not possible to keep general living standards like buying homes or other costly durable items here. Some say that it were originally provided as a hedge against inflation after the war,and have remained in place since then.Employees usually get bonuses twice a year,in the summer and in December. But it is sure that it depends on company.
Following diagram is the Top10 ranking of the annual salary for college Graduates for first year on Japanese company.
*1USD=108.93 yen(26 Nov,2019)

②How does Japanese do for the job hunting ?
College students usually start looking for jobs before they move up to their senior year of school.First of all,they try to pick up companies they wanna work for in the future through attending a employment-explanation meetings,rumors,recommendation from their relatives.Candidate are basically selected after theirs report cards and curriculum vitae are looked over.Aside from that,Students also have to take a exam to join a company.If it’s a popular and famous gigantic corporation like TOYOTA,SONY,MITSUBISH,or GAFA,the exam tends to go hard to get rid of too many candidates.After holding some steps of examinations and interviews,companies are supposed to make hiring decisions.Back in the 80’s,most students were apt to receive lots of offers from companies that are interested in recruiting them,so it was absolutely normal for “students” to choose company easily.But due to the prolonged recession in Japan,however,students now can get only few offers from companies and few one give them a chance to even interviews unless you are that intelligent or got some kind of special achievements in the school.

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Hi,guys.I’ll share you about the things of Japanese emperor today.
Since the emperor of Japan NARUHITO has officially proclaimed his enthronement this year,it got lots of attention from around world.At the same time,some people must be curious about payment of Japanese emperor.Let me clear about your curious here.

①How much is the emperor paid?
The total imperial household budget per 2019 are about 9.9 billion yen,out of which about 360 million yen is for the emperor’s family.It also costs about 11.5 billion yen to maintain the imperial Household Agency.They’re paid from the state budget,that is paid by Japanese taxpayers.

②Can a woman succeed to the imperial throne?
Imperial Household Law states imperial heirs should be male,born to the male side.However,female emperors have ascended the throne 10 times as a temporary measure.The first in Japan was the Empress Suiko(592-628),while Empress Gosakuramachi(1762-70)was the most recent.

③What is the role and history of the Emperor?
The status of the emperor is stated in the Japanese constitution as “the symbol of the state and of the unity of the people”.He carries out affairs of the state such as appointing the prime minister designated by the Diet and the convocation of the Diet as approved and advised by the Cabinet.His status is similar to that of the Queen of the England.According to the oldest historic book in Japan,written in the 8th century,the first emperor,Jimmu,was a descendant of Amaterasu,the Goddess of the Sun,and is said to have ascended to the imperial Throne in 660 BC.

It’s said that Emperor is really busy and hard work much more that general Japanese workers.He only has about 100 holidays per year.Utmost respect for him.Thank you for reading this article today.


Hi,guys.Today I’ll share you with the recent average lifespan in Japan.

According to the survey from Ministry of Health,Labour and Welfare in Japan.The average lifespan for male at 2017 was 81.3 years and that of female was 87.32.The combined average lifespan of both for 84.3 years old is the third in the world.The top country is Hong Kong for 84.7 years old,The second highest is Switzerland 83.4 years old.The expectancy rates raised significantly in Japan from the 30’s to the 60’s and keeps this high rate hold until now. As a Japanese traditional staple food,we have been eating “FISH” and “NATTO”.Some experts say those foods contribute to Japanese long lifespan. Surprisingly,we Japanese were only 47 years old for males and 46.3 for females in 1935.It is said,however the expectancy rates may decrease in the near future due to the altering diets of young generation,which contains more fat,chemical stuff,salt.So my folks usually force me to eat traditional Japanese food like Natto,Grilled fish,Veggies,everytime I go back to their house.

The main cause of death in Japan is Cancer these days,that accounts for approximately 30% of all deaths.This is followed by heart disease,which is for 15%,pneumonia and cerebral vessel diseases like stroke,each of which account for 10% of all deaths.Though all three of them used to be called adult diseases,now they are called “Lifestyle diseases”,because they’re caused by habits such as smoking,drinking or working too much.The most frequent types of cancer for Japanese are lung cancer for men and colorectal cancer for women. Unfortunately,my Grandfather has died of the lung cancer 25 years ago and some medical experts say that Cancer is inherited to offspring,that makes me keep healthy life style.

There was doctor shortage until 70’s,but the total number of medical doctors in Japan 2016 is 319,480 and it is said 252 doctors per 100,000 people,that is considered more than enough.When it comes to medical facilities,there are approximate 180,000 with about 2.0 million beds. Although I can not say that these numbers are sufficient or not, if Japan try to accept more immigrants or oversea people for labor power from now on,it may need even more.

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Hi,guys.I’ll share you guys with the effective way to pick up a Japanese girl today.As you might know,most Japanese girls are shy,sensitive and humble compared to girls in other countries due to cultural things,so you can not use the methods you use your own countries.
Let me explain it through three points as follows.

If you found a hot chick you like in somewhere Japan,you should talk to them in Japanese for first words.Most of the foreigners usually try to talk to them in English or their mother languages,but I don’t think it’s a good way,because they can not even understand you and make them feel scared.So you need to talk to them in Japanese,then you will be seeing girls smile when taking to them in Japanese. Just learn following simple Japanese phrases.
・I’m Justin/Watashi wa Justin desu
・How do you do/Hazime mashite
・What’s your name?/namaewa nandesuka?
・Nice name/Iinamae dane
・You look so beautiful/Okirei desune
・I’m single/watashi wa kanojyo ga imasen
・what are you drinking?/nani nonderuno?
・Let me buy you a drink/watashi ni ogorasete
・Have we met before?/dokokade oai shimashitaka?
・What’s your plan today?/Kyo no yoteiwa?

There are lots of Japanese girls who want foreigners to be picked up at a bar in Tokyo.Some say that club is also a good choice,but it’s not due to noisy and hardly hear you.So the best way is to go to a bar and meet a girl there.SHIBUYA is one of the biggest cities in Tokyo that is also for younger people.Once you come to Japan,it’s a must to go to SHIBUYA.

As I mentioned above,most Japanese girls are so sensitive and easy to get scared especially against foreigners .So from my point of view,you should show your weakness and make them reassure first,like “I’m shy and not good at talk to girls actually ,but I’m managing to do it now because of your beauty”.This is a really important step for pick-up as well.

Thank you for reading this article.Tokyo Olympic will be held next year 2020 as well,I recommend you visit in Japan.


Hi,guys.I’ll share you guys with the useful Japanese today.If you are able to speak Japanese(even a few words),it’s surprising and impressive for most Japanese and makes you enjoy staying here.Although lots of Japanese are trying to learn English recently,it’s still only a few Japanese speaking English fluently.So it’s better for you guys to learn simple and useful Japanese as follows and get over the languages barrier.

・I’m Justin/watashi wa Justin desu
・Nice to meet you/hazime mashite
・It’s an honor to meet you/oai dekite koueidesu
・Call me Justin/Justin to yonde ne
・Long time no see!/hisashiburi dane
・Sorry I’m late/okurete gomen nasai
・Nice to meet you again/mata aete ureshii yo
・Sorry for bothering you/kiwo tsukawasete sumimasen
・You look good/genki sou dane
・You look beautiful/okirei desune
・Say hi to your family for me/kazoku ni yoroshiku ne
・I have to go now/mou ikanaku tewa

・Let’s dig in!/itadaki masu
・I can’t finish it/tabekire masen
・That was delicious/Gochiso samadeshita
・I’ll buy you lunch/watashiga ranchi wo ogoruyo
・Our food hasn’t arrive yet/tyumon no shina ga kitemasen
・I don’t like this food/watashiwa kono ryouri kirai desu
・It must be good/kito oishi darou
・I’ll get it for you/watasiga tote ageru
・It’s past the expiry date/syomikigen ga kireteru
・I’m in the middle for SUSHI/SUHI na kibun desu
・That was delicious/Gochi so sama deshita
・It’s a rip-off!/botakuri dana!
・I’m so full!/Tyo onaka ipai!
・It looks fattening/futori sou
・Here’s to you!/kimi ni kanpai!

・very funny/waraeru!
・Be a man/otokorashiku siro!
・It drives me nuts!/tyo iraira suru!
・Silly me!/ore wa baka dana!
・Look happened/kono zama dayo!
・Let’s get wasted!/yoi tsubure yo!
・You tricked me!/dama shita na!
・Trust me!/watashi wo shinzite!
・That’s gross/Kimoi!
・It’s hilarious/bakusyo!
・I’m speechless/kotobaga denai!
・That’s so petty!/chii seina!
・No worries/shinpai nai
・You’re kidding!/Uso!
・You liar!/Usotsuki me!

④LOVE(Pick up phrase)
・I fell in love with you/Anatani koi wo shimashita
・How beautiful you are!/Nante utsu kushinda!
・Do you wanna grab a drink tonight?/konya ipai dou desuka?
・You look awesome!/totemo kirei desune!
・Let me buy you a drink/Ogorasete kudasai
・Can I have your number?/bangou oshiete hoshina!

Thank you for reading this article .I’m sure that you’re gonna enjoy staying in Japan with the above phrases sometime soon.